Thank you for your interest in Greenfield Community School and Taaleem.

GCS is a remarkable place to work in, filled with motivated students and staff. You will be surrounded by wonderful, engaged and highly motivated students, along with positive, friendly, hardworking colleagues.

With GCS You will discover how creative people with big ideas and a strong work ethic are fostered and encouraged to grow as educators and leaders.

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General information for candidates applying for teaching positions

For teaching positions at GSC, it is vital to ensure that you hold the correct qualifications and have the requisite experience. We would normally anticipate a minimum of two years' (and probably more) qualified teaching experience.

All candidates must have completed 12 years of Primary and Secondary education and hold a Bachelor's Degree in Education or equivalent, specialising in the relevant educational field. Many of our UK qualified staff hold a subject degree and PGCE. Holding a subject degree alone will not qualify you to teach in the UAE.

Teachers with extensive experience who hold a Certificate or Diploma of Education may be recognised as qualified. Offers made would be subject to receiving the approval of the UAE Ministry of Education, who must be satisfied that their criteria in the relevant teaching qualifications are met in a formal process.

All successful candidates will be expected to complete the school's medical form, duly certified by a General Practitioner and be passed fit for working overseas. On occasion the authorities will require you to supply a recent chest X-Ray; finally, candidates will be expected to supply a police clearance certificate or similar proof of non-criminality.

Supply Teachers/Substitute Teachers

We are looking for qualified supply teachers to add to our on-call list. Supply teachers are called in when coverage is needed for classes due to teacher absence. Applicants must have a teaching qualification and minimum 2 years teaching experience. Contact Human Resources at GCS. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. <!-- document.write('</'); document.write('span>'); //-->